Are Casino Games an Investment or a Gamble?

Online casino games

I love gambling online. As a matter of fact, I’ve been playing casino since long and always wondered whether or not casino games are an investment or simply a gamble?

For instance, it pretty much seems like a gamble, since we are saying online gambling.

But, can it be an investment in any case?

Well, yes it can be for people whose bread and butter solely runs on virtual casinos.

I’ve tried to explain this in detail below, keep reading you’ll get to know it.

Gamble or Investment?

Is online gambling a investing

Casino online playing free test online casino with the payout on a regular basis, I report new methods and providers that allow you to make money on the Internet. Those who have been looking for it have discovered many different ways to generate a nice extra income on the internet.

Most of the providers presented here are clearly suitable for beginners: Paid online surveys are popular, for example, with which you can quickly earn a few euros without any investment or previous knowledge.

Affiliate marketing is a completely different approach. Here, a lot of time and know-how is needed to build up a lucrative business and earn money passively.

A nice (but controversial) interim solution is gambling on the internet, about which I have also written some articles.

The big advantage of gambling is that you can earn a lot of money even with little time and training!

The big disadvantage of gambling: In order to earn money, you have to make a deposit. In the end, you can lose everything!

If you are aware of this risk, online casinos can be the optimal solution for making a lot of money on the Internet. Unfortunately, this section is still missing out on some more information may be. This article is therefore intended to provide some rough recommendations for the world of online gambling.

Where to find recommended online casinos?

How to choose online casino

This question is certainly a question for anyone who wants to start gambling. On the one hand, you often see (more or less serious) advertising for online casinos on the Internet, but on the other hand, there are many warnings about fraudsters and black sheep.

Even though I don’t call myself a gambling professional, I can tell you: Yes, there are indeed fraudulent sites that only want your money, but there are also numerous serious casinos on the Internet where you can really win money.

At this point I can give you the first hint: My first experiences in the online casino I made with the provider and I have not regretted that. There you will get all the classic and popular casino games in a very modern and appealing design.

However, the most important point for registering at BetRally is the extremely high welcome bonus. Even if you don’t make a deposit, you can get up to 888Euro for free (with a bit of luck) and up to 1500 Euro for your first deposit. You can cash out the winnings directly. However, it is very important that you register via my registration link!

But this recommendation should not be enough because everyone has different preferences and you certainly want to have a choice between several providers. Due to the lack of extensive reviews of online casinos, I made myself a little bit clearer on other portals.

There you will often find a few recommendations and tests for various suppliers, which often coincide. There’s certainly nothing wrong with this and a simple Google search is quickly done. For example, I can really recommend the page There I found a super serious overview of the best online casinos – in the way I would like to implement this in the coming months. As a prospective customer, this saves a lot of research.

In keeping with my last contribution to gambling laws in Austria, online casinos that are playable from Austria are listed on this page. This will give you a direct overview of all online casinos for Austria.
With this list and a little Google research, you will surely find many serious casinos on the internet where you can start gambling. Until a category has been created, you can make your own experiences and maybe even give me some insider tips. Have fun!

Welcome Bonus

Casino Welcome bonus

If you are planning to accept a welcome or deposit at an online casino, make sure you first read one thing – the fine print. Here you will be told how many times that bonus must be played through before you are allowed to make a withdrawal. Most casinos will allow you to play through the bonus and deposit amount anywhere in the region of 20-50 times. This could be quite a lot if you make the most of a 100% deposit bonus for £100! Make sure you know what the terms are before you take part in this welcome bonus. It might be better to spin for you and win what you have deposited yourself. In some cases, the welcome bonus is just too good to be missed though!

The goal of most people’s casino visits is to win; not necessarily millions, but at least make a profit, and no loss, on an individual visit. Casinos, but do not share that exactly the same opinion and would rather you do not, as in fact. Each time you win, you make a small dent in the winnings of the casino, generally your subsequent losses even from the score and allow them to regain financial balance, they are not best satisfied if you make a big profit. In fact, a casino is completely within its rights to send you packaging if they feel you win too often, or even refuse entry if they think you are “too much luck.”. Casinos become particularly sensitive when they think that you are using one of many right but questionable methods to secure a victory, such as a card counting or as-tracking. It is also possible that a casino that you prohibit from playing certain games only if they suspect you that with one of the following methods to the table. Although specific rules can differ from one casino to another, usually the casino has the power to decide you, and not the ones that pay the paying customers.